Film:                           YOUR CHOICE

Topic:                         YOUR CHOICE

Reading:                    YOUR CHOICE

Discussion:                YOUR CHOICE

Assignment:             Your team must watch any Science Fiction Movie that we did not discuss in class, plus read a corresponding text/excerpt/book that we did not discuss in class to do a public poster presentation on how you see that movie affecting your future selves at the age oF 50. Introduce the movie, and using any means available create a memorable Science Fiction / Fact POSTER to be presented in class and exhibited in the hallways. 3x2ft minimum printed size. You can use collage and digital tools to create your posters. Upload a high quality image (JPG/PDF) to Blackboard. Make sure you document the creative process on your personal blogs.

CONDITIONS for the choice of movie:
The film must relate to human kind on planet earth, this disqualifies films such as Star Trek (“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” > Star Wars is NOT Earth). You can also choose a SciFi TV series (Dr Who, Firefly, Torchwood, V the final battle, The Expanse, etc. ) and even a Video Game if it represents the future of our planet and humanity, but you must refer to at least 2 episodes of the series.


One member of each team will submit a TWO PAGE PDF on Blackboard (on top of the actual image documentation of the finished poster) using the following template, adjusting it to your needs. Use any software that will allow you to use a two column format with a strict maximum of 2 PAGES. Include the short abstract, the long description of your presentation, references, keywords, images, links, and very important, name of each member team at the top.


You are free to design your poster however you want. The PDF is for future reference, but the actual poster can contain more than 3 images, a lot more text, a lot more content. The sample poster is one of the posters I have presented internationally and the creativity is very limited. Use it as inspiration, but I expect you to be very visual and creative. Help anyone who has not seen the movie understand why is it important and how it portrays the future for Humanity. You will present the physical poster in class – you can exhibit it in the hallways outside the classroom.