Film:                           YOUR CHOICE

Topic:                         YOUR CHOICE

Reading:                    YOUR CHOICE

Discussion:                YOUR CHOICE

Assignment:             Your team must watch any Science Fiction Movie that we did not discuss in class, plus read a corresponding text/excerpt/book that we did not discuss in class to do a public poster presentation on how you see that movie affecting your future selves at the age oF 50. Introduce the movie, and using any means available create a memorable Science Fiction / Fact POSTER to be presented in class and exhibited in the hallways. 3x2ft minimum printed size. You can use collage and digital tools to create your posters. Upload a high quality image (JPG/PDF) to Blackboard. Make sure you document the creative process on your personal blogs.

CONDITIONS for the choice of movie:
The film must relate to human kind on planet earth, this disqualifies films such as Star Trek (“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” > not Earth). You can also choose a SciFi TV series (Dr Who, Firefly, Torchwood, V the final battle, The Expanse, etc. ) but you must refer to at least 2 episodes of the series.