Introduction of the class, personal introductions.
Group Creations

Love Death & Robots examples.

Zima Blue (Season 1)
Three Robots (Season 1)
Three Robots: Exit Strategies (Season 3)
The Dump (Season 1)
The Witness (Season 1)
Beyond the Aquila Rift (Season 1)
Automated Customer Service (Season 2)
Pop Squad (Season 2)
Mason’s Rats (Season 3)
Jibaro (Season 3)

Choose your favorite short from Love Death and Robots and write a concise blog post explaining why did you like it so much, how did it resonate with yourselves, what technology on display impressed you the most, how do you think this short is foreseeing the future, and anything else you want to share. I do not care about writing formatting, I care about content. DEADLINE: BEFORE this coming Sunday at Midnight.